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I was born and raised in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, along the shores of Lake Michigan. In the early seventies, I moved to California after graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Economics.  


Since moving to California, my career has taken me through a variety of positions in the Information Technology field.  Late in my computer career, painting became a hobby.

I studied with local artists and defaced many fine canvasses in my quest for development. Both frustrating and enriching, a style gradually developed that is charaacteristic of my work.

I am a plein-air oil painter of landscapes and seascapes, preferring to paint on location under the pressure of changing light and weather, so as not to deliberate so much over each and every stroke of paint.. I'm one of those artists you pass on the road on a beautiful day struggling to create that perfect masterpiece.

At first, I tried to make everything realistic, but they never really were. Gradually, it evolved into a style of broad brushstrokes, vibrant palettes, and bold thick paint. Over the years, I have painted every beach scene along the Sonoma coast, still my favorite location for spending the day.

I also paint on antiques and old relics - what I call renewable art. I'll find old, non-working clocks with character, remove the face and guts, cut a panel to fit in the opening, and paint on it. 

Other renewable art objects include oak sideboards, old mirrors (I'll replace some of the mirrors with paintings), radios, and many kinds of boxes. I enjoy refinishing the wood objects and creating a unique art element - something more than just a framed landscape. 

My wife Marge and I enjoy traveling around the world, and visiting with our extended network of family and friends spread across country. We also volunteer at our Sack’s Hospice Store in Petaluma - Marge on the cash registers, and myself stocking the books.

Thanks for visiting my website and hope to see you at one of our art shows.


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